API Documentation

API Version History

Below you will find the release history of our API including new features and bug fixes contained in each release.


New Features

  • Added ability to specify multiple report types for Filings
  • Added start date, end date, and report type filters to Company Filings
  • Added Parent, Sequence, Factor and Balance to Data Tags
  • Standardized Financials are now sorted by the sequence of the Data Tags

Bug Fixes

  • Proper error response when supplying invalid parameters to Technicals endpoints
  • Proper conversion of booleans to integers for Data Point Number endpoint  


Bug Fixes

  • Securities endpoint not returning data in Sandbox when querying by exchange.


New Features

  • Added Crypto Technicals
  • Added Zacks Analyst Ratings
  • Added Zacks EPS Surprises
  • Added Zacks Sales Surprises
  • Added date fields to the Lookup Company endpoint: "first_fundamental_date", "last_fundamental_date", "first_stock_price_date", "last_stock_price_date"

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Options chain documentation variable from "chains" to "chain"
  • Removed duplicate "roc2" parameter in KST technical indicator
  • Fixed numerous SDK issues with date-time parsing
  • Fixed Options prices in the Sandbox environment
  • Allow empty strings for parameters to signify nil


New Features

  • Use stock price access codes for technicals


New Features

  • Added Options
  • Added VWAP to Technicals


New Features

  • Added crypto endpoints
  • Lookup fundamentals by code
  • Added XBRL dimensions
  • Added listing exchange mic to security detail


New Features

  • Added technicals endpoints
  • Added mutual funds endpoints


New Features

  • Added forex endpoints
  • Added sandbox


New Features

  • Added Security Dividends
  • Added Security Earnings
  • Added Security Real-time Prices
  • Added Stock Exchange Real-Time Prices
  • Added SEC Company Filing Notes
  • Added a "frequency" parameter to Get Historical Data for Companies and Securities


Initial release of Intrinio APIv2.