Screener Documentation

Using the Intrinio Security Screener API entails constructing clause conditions and optional logic to arrive at your desired list of securities.
The Security Screener API accepts a POST Request Body in JSON format containing the logical conditions you wish to screen with.

Security Screener API Endpoint:

POST Request Body JSON Example



The "operator" property specifies the logic to apply between your clause conditions.
Valid operator values are as follows:


Clauses Array

The "clauses" property is an array of conditions which the security must meet.
Each clause condition must contain the following properties:

Property Description Example
field The data tag field to which the condition applies.
For information regarding data tags, view our data tag reference
operator The logical operator for the condition.

Valid values are:
Equal to: eq
Greater than: gt
Greater than or equal to: gte
Less than: lt
Less than or equal to: lte
Contains text: contains
value The value applied to screen the field by based on the operator "500000000"

Group Clauses

The "groups" property is an array of objects each of which contains "operator" and "clauses" properties.
You can use the "groups" property to specify additional groups of clauses, as shown below:

Request Body JSON


Complete Examples

Below are several complete examples demonstrating the usage of operators and clauses.

Example 1: Securities with low PE and high ROI

Goal: Return securities with a PE ratio <= 5 and a return-on-equity >= to 20%.

Request Body JSON


Example 2: Securities with more than $10b cash or $100b market cap

Goal: Return securities with cash >= 10,000,000,000 or market cap >= 100,000,000,000

Request Body JSON


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