Below you will find a list of security codes and their descriptions.

Code Description
BBR Barbados Depository Receipts
BND Bond
BSW Basket Warrant
CEF Closed-Ended Fund
CD Convertible Debenture
CDA Share Depository Certificate
CDI Chess Depository Interest
CN Convertible Notes
CNS Conversion
COM Commodity
CTF Certificate
CUL Convertible Unsecured Loan Stock
CUR Currency
CVR Contingent Value Rights
CW Covered Warrant
DEB Debenture
DR Depository Receipts
DRT Distribution Rights
DST Deferred Settlement Trading
EQS Equity Shares
ETC Exchange Traded Commodities
ETF Exchange Traded Fund
ETN Exchange Traded Notes
FND Fund
GDN Global Depository Notes
ICL Irredeemable Convertible Loan Stock
IDX Index
IF Interval Fund
IFL Inflation
IOR Interbank Offered Rate
LOA Letter of Allotment
MF Unit Trust
NCD Non Convertible Debenture
NCP Non-Redeemable Convertible Cumulative Preference S
NTS Notes
PCD Partly Convertible Debenture
PER Perpetual Exchangeable Repurchaseable Listed Share
PFS Preferred Security
PPR Poison Pill Rights
PRF Preference Share
PRL Parallel Line
RCL Redeemable Convertible Secured Loan Stocks
RCN Redeemable Convertible Secured Notes
RCP Receipt
RDR Redemption Rights
RDS Redeemable Shares
ROC Redeemable Optional Convertible Preference Shares
RTS rights
RUN Redeemable Unconvertible Notes
SP Structured Product
SRT Subscription Receipts
STL Second Trading Line
STP Stapled Security
SWP Swap Rate
TRT Tradeable Rights
TSS Tendered Shares Security
UIT Unit Investment Trust
UNT Units
WAR Warrants
WD When Distributed
WIS When Issued