CSV Documentation



Sometimes there is too much information in our system to put into a single file of reasonable size. Therefore we limit file downloads to 10,000 rows. In order to retrieve the rest of the rows, you will have to request the second "page" of results. The first row of each file will contain paging information: RESULT_COUNT: 6342 , PAGE_SIZE: 10000 , CURRENT_PAGE: 1, TOTAL_PAGES: 1 , API_CALL_CREDITS: 1

  • RESULT_COUNT tells you how many total rows there are in our system
  • PAGE_SIZE tells you how many records you are fetching per page
  • CURRENT_PAGE tells you which page you are currently viewing
  • TOTAL_PAGES tells you how many total pages there are
  • API_CALL_CREDITS tells you how many API calls credits your request consumed

If the TOTAL_PAGES field in your file is greater than 1 and you want to see the other pages, append a page_number parameter to the URL:


To exclude the paging information from your file, include a hide_paging parameter in the URL:


URL Formatting

URLs must be formatted correctly in order for file downloads to be processed successfully. Here are examples of correct URLs:


Here are examples of incorrect URLs:


Here is a key to the different parts of a URL:

https://api.intrinio.com /data_point.csv ? identifier = AAPL & item = marketcap,beta
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

  1. Intrinio's API web address.
  2. The location of the data you are trying to access.
  3. The separator between the URL address and the URL parameters.
  4. The name of the URL parameter.
  5. The separator between the name of the URL parameter and the value of the URL parameter.
  6. The value of the URL parameter.
  7. The separator between URL parameters.
  8. The name of the URL parameter.
  9. The separator between the name of the URL parameter and the value of the URL parameter.
  10. The value of the URL parameter. Note some parameters allow multiple values - separate them with a comma.